Black mirrors are my favorite divination tool!

There are lots of different options for scrying and divination tools. Some like tarot or oracle cards. Some like runes. There are sea shells, tea leaves, coffee grounds, candle wax, crystal balls, and so many more options out there. To me, each one has their own time for use. Sometimes I’ll feel called to one tool over the others.

I am a big fan of Black Mirrors! No, not the tv show. Though I am a fan of that also! But right now I’ll talking about the divination tool. Some call it a scrying mirror. It is essentially a reflective piece of black glass. You gaze into it for scrying.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, scrying is basically looking into a tool to receive messages or visions. It’s said that Nostradamus used a scrying bowl to receive his prophecies.

Some may see images in the glass. Some may hear voices giving them a message. There is no uniform way to practice scrying, or for how messages are received.

Using a Black Mirror has been a practice of mine for many years. I definitely use other tools like tarot cards and runes, but the mirror has a special place in my heart. I have to be in the right head space to use it. My energy has to be in balance. I will usually meditate before hand. I have to feel completely open to receive any messages.

I will always cleanse my space first. I make the room dark, except for a couple candles. I sit comfortably in front of the mirror, and just gaze. I clear my mind. Using the mirror is very meditative. The goal is to just let images and/or words flow to you. As something pops up, I acknowledge it and keep going. I don’t attempt to decipher meanings until after I am finished. Getting caught up on one message, would block me from receiving more.

After my session is over, I sit with the information I received. I contemplate the meanings. I consider if specific things are meant for me or someone else. Then I try to implement whatever guidance I received. Obviously that’s always easier said than done, but that’s true about guidance from any source. Sometimes we’re not ready for what we need to hear.

There are many opinions on the goal of scrying. For me it’s not about predicting the future. I believe the future is always evolving depending on our actions. But at any given moment you are on a path based on your current actions. For me scrying is about tapping into my unconscious mind, and into the universe. Maybe my messages will be things I unconsciously knew, or things I couldn’t have known. I take the messages and evaluate how they apply to my current path. Do I need to course correct? Am I making the right choices? Am I being presented with options I hadn’t considered before? Or maybe it’s a confirmation that my current path is correct.

Like all divination tools, the more you practice, the better the experience will become. You can’t expect to pick up a mirror and become a professional Scryer in one day. It takes time and focus. I sit with my mirror 2-3 times a week now. I have known people that scry daily. I prefer to use it in conjunction with my other tools. I feel like I see more pieces to the puzzle this way.

I hope you decide to try out a black mirror. Or if you want to try a different scrying tool, that’s great too. But try it out. And think of it as a way of checking in with your inner self. I’m sure your inner and outer selves are pretty great!

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